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San Francisco Bay, CA

Break A Difference (B•A•D) programs are offered in a variety of cities across the nation. At the San Francisco Bay Area site we will be focusing on education, rebuilding, and environmental efforts. Break’rs will lead youth development activities to enrich learning for youth and/or help rebuild homes destroyed by recent earthquakes and forest fires.


At A Glance

In the past year San Francisco has had 585 earthquakes with a magnitude of 1.5 or greater. During that same time frame, forest fires burned over 200,000 acres.


  • $395 per participant (personal fundraising websites available)

Cost includes the following:
  • 3 Meals per day
  • Housing (in Richmond, CA)
  • Local transportation to and from service sites
  • Local transportation to and from local bus or plane hubs during arrival and departure
  • Team building and reflection activities
  • Opportunities to explore to nearby attractions (i.e. San Francisco City, Union Square, Oakland, etc.)

Transportation Hubs

Bus Stations: 

Before you arrive, take a good look at who you are. You won’t be the same when you leave.

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